Student Feedback

I feel I have gained a lot more confidence and knowledge about the different aspects and process of work environment. Tutor was very supportive and made it very east to learn, I will recommend anyone for this course.
J L Smith

I found the course extremely enjoyable and helpful. The employability course gave me the knowledge and confidence to gain a place on a programme with the NHS training in Radiology Administration through interview and teamwork skills gained from the course.

Leah B

I was able to interact with others and have more confidence in health and safety, interview skills and Tutor was very knowledgeable in all subjects and told us about his job seeking experience.


I just wanted to give you a proper thank you for all you have done for me.  It probably wasn’t noticeable but when I first joined the course I was quite down about being out work and felt stuck and confused. This course and the way in which you delivered it really help me. Please continue to inspire others.

Thank you for making a difference.


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