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Our aim is to provide you with transferable skills that will help you with all kinds of different decision-making styles and strategies around your career; gaining work experience,finding a job and making confident choices in a work environment.

Great way to kick-start your career

Employers look for a combination of personal, employability and technical skills in job applicants a skill that enables you to carry out a task. Personal skills, generic or transferable skills are those required to perform a variety of tasks, individual attributes such as personality and work habits that demonstrate how individuals work, and the qualities they display when they are at the workplace that makes them who they are. 

Examples of personal skills

Some of the attributes that an employer will look for when hiring:

Honesty, integrity, reliability, initiative, planning, organisational skills, working under pressure, teamwork, problem-solving, communication, trustworthiness, self-motivation, self-management, loyalty, positive self-esteem, personal presentation and a learning attitude.


If you’re unemployed, over 19 and not currently enrolled on a Training Course you could be eligible to sign up for one of our courses completely free of charge!



Springboard is a development course aimed specifically at helping people who are further away from the workplace and for those returning to work from a long absence or challenging circumstances or difficulties, move towards employment and improved self confidence. It has been inspired by practical activities for real world skills. Using a combination of accredited coaching and non-accredited Pastoral course work. Our courses offer customised coaching to suit individual needs.


Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain course focuses on developing knowledge and a wide understanding of logistics skills and operations. You will learn how to effectively work on your own or as part of the team and learn the principles of stock control. Gain the knowledge and confidence to kick-start your career in the Supply Chain industry.


We have training centres based in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. However, we are able to deliver training courses on site, or at a specific training venue as required.

Where possible we can offer advice and support regarding transport to and from the training venue for the duration of the course. Please ask for details.

All of our training venues provide toilet facilities, refreshments and adapted learning equipment if required.

Our courses run Tuesday to Thursday and we aim to deliver the course in ‘school friendly’ hours whenever possible to assist parents.


“I feel I have gained a lot more confidence and knowledge about the different aspects and process of the work environment. The tutor was very supportive and made it very easy to learn, I will recommend anyone for this course.”

J L Smith

“I found the course extremely enjoyable and helpful. The employability course gave me the knowledge and confidence to gain a place on a programme with the NHS training in Radiology Administration through interview and teamwork skills gained from the course.”

Leah B

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If you’re unemployed, over 19 and not currently enrolled on a Training Course you could be eligible to sign up for one of our courses completely free of charge!