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Preparation for Life and Work

This course is designed for people who need support such as; job seekers, unemployed, people returning from a long break, people with an illness or disability.  It has been inspired by practical activities for real world skills. Using a combination of accredited coaching and non-accredited course work, we offer customised coaching to suit individual needs. This qualification aims to develop and enhance skills required for the working environment and improve learners’ confidence and communication skills in order to prepare for employment.

Prime2Learn Employment Training

Employers often look for a combination of personal attributes, work ethic, social skills and technical knowledge in job applicants

Build Your Future With Prime2learn Education

  • We can help you by -offering industry awareness training environments and work opportunities in the classroom and in the workplace

  • What we offer – trainers that understand the challenges for job seekers
  • Focus On People – to provide young adults and those returning to work with personal, social and work-related skills that will enable them to progress to greater levels of employment readiness
  • Our employability training – programs provide unemployed people with the support they need to be successful in their job search and find new jobs.
  • Career Placement – a great way to get them started on their career journey
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Employability Skills

This course will equip you with the employment skills needed to help you choose a career and get you on track to achieving your goals.

Upon commencing the program, learners will complete an initial screening assessment to identify specific learning needs. This gives trainers the opportunity to use individualised approaches in the classroom and identify specific goals and outcome requirements, for example, assistance with completion of job application.

Employability Skills Level 1 AIM Awards Certificate 

Course Content:

  • Gain confidence and build communication skills
  • Transferable Skills and Training Needs
  • Learn job search and interview techniques
  • Develop work-related behaviours
  • Plan your career exploring options
  • Industry awareness experiences
  • Job preparation
  • Job search skills
  • Interview skills and career planning and development

We can help you by:
• Matching your areas of interest to experienced and qualified trainers
• Align (where possible) your individual goals and needs to training and outcomes
• Provide emotional/holistic support through pastoral care programs
• Offering industry awareness training environments and work opportunities in the classroom and in the workplace

What we offer:
• Trainers that understand the challenges for young job seekers
• Trainers that create a culture of learning and self-determination
• An interactive and active participation focus towards teaching and learning
• Personalised and relevant work topics

Engaging employers:
• Build on participation and engagement via interviews, guest speakers, local job opportunities and workplace experiences
• Scope delivery areas to source a range of industry employers and peak bodies to contribute to the program
• Foster and strengthen our connections, building interest from employers

Course Duration 4 weeks– (Tuesday to Thursday) with school friendly hours where possible.

Inclusive and patient learning environment with a range of support tools to assist learners of all abilities, including dyslexia, Irlen’s Syndrome and other learning challenges.

All teaching is delivered at Employability Level 1

All who complete the course receive a recognised & accredited AIM awards Qualification.

Build Your Future With Employability

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Course Entry Criteria

  • If you’re unemployed/ working less than 16 hours a week, over 19 years old and not currently enrolled on a Training Course*

  • Resident in the UK/EU for more than 3 years.

  • In receipt of JSA, ESA, U/Credit or unemployed.

  • Able to speak, read and write English.

  • Able to commit to the 4 weeks course duration.

*Please let us know what type of course, as we may still be able to help you.

If YES to all—then you are eligible to enrol. You can enrol personally by enrolling using our online Registration calling 01455 697490 or you can speak to your JCP Work Coach who can refer you onto your next local course.

You will need to bring

  • Passport or Full Birth Certificate

  • Proof of National Insurance No.

  • Rights to Work / DWP Claim Documentation

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If you’re unemployed, over 19 and not currently enrolled on a Training Course you could be eligible to sign up for one of our courses completely free of charge!